Moisturizing body lotion with natural CBD hemp oil

Capacity 150ml

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Moisturizing body lotion with natural CBD hemp oil.

The formula for dry and rough skin.

Provides instant hydration and intensive regeneration of dry and damaged skin. Thanks to its soothing effect, the formula gives an immediate feeling of relief while enriching the skin with the necessary nutrients, thus increasing its resistance to the harmful effects of external factors. The fast-absorbing lotion leaves your skin extremely elastic and smooth for a long time.

Natural CBD hemp oil – obtained from hempseed (Cannabis sativa). It exerts strong nourishing and protective properties. The product is rich in biologically active substances such as CBD, i.e. Cannabidiol, Tocopherol and Terpineol. These components show anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory
and antiseptic properties. CBD also possesses regenerative properties. The product accelerates the healing of skin micro damages, prevents water loss and protects against unfavourable external factors, including ultraviolet radiation.
Hydrovance - shows a strong moisturizing and smoothing effect. Increases skin firmness.
Vitamin E - brightens the skin, prevents discolouration. Deeply moisturizing, the lotion exhibits an anti-inflammatory effect and hydrates the skin.
Allantoin – moisturizes dry skin and soothes the resulting discomfort. It regenerates, soothes burning, and stimulates cell production. The skin becomes smoother and softer.
Glycerine – protects the skin. Soothes skin irritation. It possesses strong moisturizing properties and a regenerating effect on the skin.

Directions for use: massage thoroughly into the skin. Leave until it completely dries off. Repeat if needed.
Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use on damaged skin. Do not use in case of allergy to any of the ingredients."