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PURE MINERAL CONTOUR – Multifunction face contour modelling kit, consisting of a bronzer, blusher and illuminator thanks to which you will make your face look perfect, effortlessly and professionally, enhancing your natural beauty. Each of the components of the kit can be applied on its own or combined together to give you a unique look for the day and evening out. Pure Mineral Contour can be used both as a foundation and on its own – it does not cause stains or streaks. Gradual application of the cosmetic allows you to build intensity of colour and create the desired effect of makeup.

Bronzer – Natural colouring optimally emphasizes facial features, sculptures them and makes them look slimmer. Bronzer is applied below the cheekbones, on the outside of the nose and on the bottom of the chin. To emphasize the facial features or adjust the prominent forehead, apply a bronzer along the hair line, from the temple to the temple.

Blusher – Perfectly highlights the cheekbones, gives the complexion a fresh and radiant look. Smile and apply the blusher on the cheeks, brush the cosmetic with a full brush stroke, starting from the middle of the cheekbones to the temples. To sculpt and optically slim down the face, apply blusher also just below the cheekbones.

Illuminator – illuminates and emphasizes natural beauty. To make the face look slimmer, apply it along the vertical line of the nose, and to add lightness and freshness to the make-up, apply the illuminator above the cheekbones and in the middle of the forehead. The cosmetic will perfectly highlight the look – use a small brush and apply it symmetrically on the eyebrow arch and in the inside corners of the eye.